• What is MFT?

Managed File Transfer

It refers to software solutions that facilitate the secure transfer of data from one computer to another through a network (e.g., the Internet). MFT solutions are often built using the FTP network protocol. However, the term specifically describes solutions that remedy the disadvantages associated with FTP. Typically, MFT offers a higher level of security and control than FTP. Features include reporting (e.g., notification of successful file transfers), non-repudiation, auditability, global visibility, automation of file transfer-related activities and processes, end-to-end security, and performance metrics/monitoring. MFT applications are available as both licensed software packages and SaaS solutions. Some are specially designed for enterprise use while others are for sale to individual consumers. A few enterprise-focused SaaS MFT providers also manage the additions of new trading partners, which can free up a lot of IT resources.


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