• Overview

Accord Odette FTP

The Accord Odette FTP is an open sourced - AGPL - Java library API that implements both RFC 5024 and RFC 2204 giving users and developers support for exchanging files with partners either running with OFTP server version 1.3, 1.4 or the new 2.0 version. This and many other features can be only found in Accord Odette FTP library. It is implemented under Java 5 and based on JBoss Netty.

Accord Architecture

Key Benefits

  • Support for OFTP 1.3, 1.4 and 2.0
  • Auto backward compatibility
  • Support for unique version mode
  • Support for SSL client authentication
  • File compression
  • File restart
  • Push and pull operations
  • Support for sending End-to-End response (EERP) also know as file delivery receipt
  • Digital signatures
  • Certificates
  • Support for TCP/IP transport
  • Support for X.25 transport
  • Secure transport over SSL
  • Asynchronized and event-based architecture
  • Open Sourced through the Affero GPL 3.0

Java Integration

Because it is a Java library, it can be easily embedded within any Java software. This gives customers freedom and flexibility on how to build their own B2B solutions.

Encryption and signatures

The Accord Odette FTP library supports the following encryption/hash algorithms, required by the Odette International organization:

Apache Camel integration

If you are already using or considering to use Apache Camel on your project, you can take advantage of the Camel OFTP component.

Comparison to

The mendelson project only offers a Java client with support for OFTP 2.0. Because of that, it cannot be easily embedded to third-party software. Also it does not support older versions of the Odette FTP specification (1.3 and 1.4).

Graphical User Interface for Accord Odette FTP

If you are looking for an end-user GUI for your desktop to connect to your b2B partners, go to the Accord Wire project.

Commercial Support

Neociclo is the company behind the Accord MFT Suite, also developing other projects designed to leverage and simplify the task of managing file transfers.

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