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Accord MFT Suite

The Accord MFT Suite is a collection of Java projects related to managing file transfers. From protocol implementation, standard file transfer API to Desktop and Server solutions, theses projects are designed to offer support for different file transfer protocols, high security and optimal performance.

Accord Odette FTP Library

This library implements RFC 5024 which specifies the Odette FTP version 2 defined by Odette International. With this library, it is possible for developers to easily add support for OFTP2 transfer within their software. It is offered as an API and can be embedded to any Java software, or maybe even on other platforms through native compilation.

Go to the project website for more information.

Accord Wire

Wire is a desktop software for managed file transfer profiles. It lets users define profiles with inbox and outbox of files, connection and protocol setup, cryptography level and security access. Works with OFTP, SFTP, FTP and plain copy. It offers and API that enables developers to implement connectors for other protocols.

Accord Server

The Server is an advanced solution compared to Accord Wire, providing a web interface with a dashboard where users can easily monitor transfer queues and manage new profiles.

The Accord Server is built on top of Accord Wire, which means you get the same protocol support as with Wire. The server also adds a functionality to process transfered files, either before and/or after. Developers have access to an API that enables them to code specific business solutions, i.e. to send data to a database.

Accord Edge

The Edge is a security layer to be added between the Internet and Accord Server or Accord Wire.


Although these projects are Open Source, commercial use is restricted. These are licensed under the terms of GNU Affero GPL v3 and entities interested on redistributing these projects or installing in their systems, must contact Neociclo for subscription support.

Accord Community Projects

These projects are the contribution of Neociclo to the Open Source Community. Under the terms of GNU Lesser GPL v3, these projects can be embedded in any software, even for commercial use, for free.

Accord Forby

Forby is an event-based, assynchronous and multi-protocol file transfer API. Its purpose is to abstract and simplify protocol-aware programming operations of file transfering. It provides a user API. Putting in few words, Forby is for Java what libcurl is for C/C++. Supports local file transfers and remote through FTP, SFTP, HTTP, OFTP and SCP. New protocols can be plugged in by simply coding a new protocol provider through an SPI (Service Provider Interface).

Accord Components

These are small projects used by some of MFT Suite projects, that offer singular functionalities.

XOT Codec

This codec adds suport for X.25 connections over TCP/IP for Java applications.


Jaico's Another ISDN Codec. This codec enables Java applications to connect with ISDN terminals. It is developed over CAPI 2.0 driver.


UN/EDIFACT to XML bi-directional converter. Enables Java applications to easily convert UN/EDIFACT documents into XML files to be read, for example, by Web Services.

Where to get?

All projects are Open Source and available through Subversion hosted by the OW2 Consortium. Please go to the source repository webpage for more information.

Maven dependency

All projects are being developed based on Apache Maven deployment base. So expect to see Accord projects on the Maven Repository soon.

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