• Vision

Vision Statement

The idea behind the Accord project is simple. Is to build a product suite dedicated to control all aspects of data movement between systems, business partners and people. Is to enable the use of managed file transfer for organizations of different types and sizes, all around world. Is to be the first open source project to support the Odette FTP 2.0 standard targeting end users packaged solutions.

From the Accord project will be possible to develop solutions ranging from connectivity with business partners and heterogeneous systems to the execution of collaborative works. Through this project users will enhance how they feels about using file transfer and solution providers will realize the opportunity to deliver greater value in the market. Through this project software architects, developers, users and contributors will be united, possibly the best ones in the area, which together will be able to turn their ideas and expertises into superior products.

We are inspired to recognize the most valuable attributes for users and convert them into software new features, to reach the state of the art technology development by promoting the open standards and best practices, and involve collective ideas that support the achievement of our goals.

The Accord product suite will have the simplicity of file transfer, ability to handle large amount of data, adaptive integration, process management related to files movement, and specially designed with the service-oriented architecture in mind that allow new features to be included.

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